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Monitor Советы мужьм Updates and Windows Defender Antivirus with Update Compliance


With Windows 10, organizations need to change the way they approach monitoring and deploying updates.

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Update Compliance советы мужьм a powerful set of tools that enable советы мужьм to monitor and track all important aspects of the new servicing strategy from Microsoft: Windows as a Service.

Update Compliance is a solution built within Operations Management Suite (OMS), a cloud-based monitoring and automation service which has a flexible servicing subscription based off data usage/retention.

For more information about OMS, see Operations Management Suite overview.

Update Compliance uses the Windows diagnostic data that is part of all Windows 10 devices.

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It collects system data including update installation progress, Windows Update for Business (WUfB) configuration data, Windows Defender Antivirus data, and other update-specific information, and then sends this data privately to a secure cloud to be stored советы мужьм analysis and usage within the solution.

Update Compliance provides the following:

  • Dedicated drill-downs for devices that might need attention
  • An inventory of devices, including the version of Windows they are running and their update status
  • The советы мужьм to track protection and threat status for Windows Defender Antivirus-enabled devices
  • An overview of WUfB deferral configurations советы мужьм 10 Anniversary Update [] and later)
  • Powerful built-in log analytics to create useful custom queries
  • Cloud-connected access utilizing Windows 10 diagnostic data means no need for new complex, customized infrastructure

See the following topics советы мужьм this guide советы мужьм detailed information about configuring and using the Update Compliance solution:

Click the following link to see a video demonstrating Update Compliance features.

Update Compliance architecture

The Советы мужьм Compliance architecture and data flow is summarized by the following five-step process:

(1) User computers send diagnostic data to a secure Microsoft data center using the Microsoft Data Management Service.
(2) Diagnostic data is analyzed by the Update Compliance Data Service.
(3) Diagnostic data is pushed from the Update Compliance Data Service to your OMS workspace.
(4) Diagnostic data is available in the Update Compliance solution.
(5) You are able to monitor and troubleshoot Windows updates and Windows Defender AV in your environment.

These steps are illustrated in following diagram:

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