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Valve has integrated a ranking system now

You can see your ranking after 1 match played in those categories (solo/team).

Getting the information: (This no longer works)

After you have played 1 match you can open the ingame console and type the following:

The console will give you all your profile information including:



Furthermore there is information how stable your developer 1 dota_game_account_debug is:

Those get lower the more matches you play.

It increases developer 1 dota_game_account_debug accuracy of the rank.


This table is the official from

How to read: 95% means that you are better/have a better ranking then 95% of all other players.

Basically it tells you that you are in the top 5% of all players.

However, this table is based on normal matchmaking for now.

Valve expects that this table will adjust with developer 1 dota_game_account_debug data from ranking match (thx for pointing that out decency)


developer 1 dota_game_account_debug
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